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Membership Trials

Hark! Hear all who are here! Incredible riches, both mental and physical, await those who complete the membership challenges and work their way up in the Church of Crabigatorism!

There are nine membership levels within the church, each with their own set of trials. Upon receiving your application, trained priests of the Crabigator score your test and place you within the appropriate level and your next trial will find you.

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Members classified
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Application Processing
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*Your membership has been accepted! Congratulations, you are a very low-level member of the church and your membership card is being built. Through the completion of membership trials and/or huge donations, you too may know the joys of becoming a member of the inner circle. Your parents would be proud.

If you change your address, please fill out and send a Change of Address form to keep getting Crabigatorism propaganda.

New Membership Update: Due to a limited crab harvest in 2019 and our inability to feed you all, new member applications are closed. Only Novices and above may serve as a reference to invite new initiates.